“The work of Alan Young reminds me of the naïve qualities found in many outsider artists. When looking at his works entitled Iced Out and Dancing to Music, I am reminded of Karl Appel and other CoBrA artists from the late figurative expressionist movement. More locally the early 1980’s works of the Melbourne figurative expressionist artistic group ROAR, such as David Larwill and Mark Schaller could also be considered an influence in his current work.

“Young’s strong use of colour to define shape and figurative form shows a positive future as an artist. Many of the figurative expressionist artists have also drawn influence from the tribal art of Africa and the Asia Pacific region. It would seem that Young has been looking at the same tribal pieces as many of the great masters of 20th century art. He follows in their footsteps by the direct use of simplified form and shape accentuated by a broad use of colour. Alan Young has a strong future as a professional artist.”

— James Makin, Judge Off the Wall